Family owned
and operated
since 1972

2 oz cup of sauce:     .25
half pint sauce:         1.25
pint of sauce:               2.50

Sour cream:         .50 &     .25 per taco
extra cheese:  1.00 &    .30 per taco
extra meat:          1.00 &    .30 per taco
tomato:                  .75   &    .25 per taco
PEPPERS                .30   &    .10 per taco
chili                           .75   &    .25 per taco
Bacon                     1.00  
jalepino peppers chopped or whole  .30

8 0z cup of rice:                                                       2.00
8 oz cup of beans w/cheese and sauce: 2.75
8 oz cup of chili w/cheese                                2.75
***while we r on the subject of extras***
cups of ICE     .50
refills             1.00
sorry bout that but we want to stay in business  
We are trying hard to keep our prices down but everytime I turn around MY prices are going up
Imagine your sticker shock at the grocery stores!  I get charged for deliveries and everytime I take
a blink the price for my product is higher that the day before!     Hopefully things will level off  MY
ONLY GOAL IS TO KEEP MY DOORS OPEN and Give you the Quality and Quanity YOU COME
HERE FOR!   And I want to keep that "FAMILY TRADITION "GOING! thanks for your understanding!
Jerri (MYERS) Brooks   and my Partner  John Stephens   and the LOS TACOS TWO CREW!